Leadership & Committees


How We're Organized

The Louisiana Farm Bureau is made up of volunteer leaders at the local, parish and statewide levels. Each parish has a parish Farm Bureau, with its own president and board members. 


Ronnie Anderson currently is state president of the Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation; he was first elected in 1989. Anderson is a cattle producer, forage grower and timber landowner from Ethel, LA. 

Anderson is one of a five-member executive committee, made up of the president, first, second and third vice presidents and a secretary-treasurer. Eleven other members, representing geographical districts, form the Farm Bureau Board of Directors. All members of the board and executive committee are elected by voting delegates sent to the annual company convention each summer to vote on policy recommendations of the local parish Farm Bureaus. The chairs of the Women's Leadership Committee and the Young Farmers & Ranchers Committee serve on the state board in an ex-officio capacity.

2016-2017 Louisiana farm Bureau Board of Directors

(Top Row, listed left to right) District I Board Member Marty Wooldridge, District II Board Member Butch Oaks, District III Board Member Robert Warren, District IV Board Member Bill Cheek, District V Board Member Rusty Bailes, District VI Board Member Philip Lamartiniere, District VII Board Member James Cox, District VIII Ryan Dorè, District IX Board Member Fred Bass, District X Board Member Warren Harang, District XI Ralph Babin

(Bottom Row, listed left to right) Women's Leadership Committee Chair Denise Cannatella, 3rd Vice-President Richard Fontenot, 1st Vice-President Jim Harper, President Ronnie Anderson, 2nd Vice-President Scott Wiggers, Secretary/Treasurer Mike Melancon, Young Farmers & Ranchers Chair Amelia Kent

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Commodity Advisory Committees: Farmers Know Best

By seeking farmer input on specific issues, the Louisiana Farm Bureau has built a strong grassroots infrastructure to take on matters important to agriculture.

Our organization has Commodity Advisory Committees that meet regularly to discuss issues and make recommendations for change. Every commodity is represented with an advisory committee—from rice to cotton to wheat, soybeans and corn. These committees draft policy and then present that policy to the 18-member Farm Bureau Board of Directors. If it is an issue of national concern, the recommendations are forwarded to the American Farm Bureau, or in some cases, the issues are discussed directly with members of the state's congressional delegation.